Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A business to avoid like the plague?

A computer company headed by Auckland City councillor and Auckland Rugby Board chairman Ken Baguley has gone under, owing Inland Revenue hundreds of thousands of dollars

Mr Baguley has impressed the C&R hierarchy as a measured and effective chairman of the transport committee but has limited political skills.

The recession exposes yet more of the Rugby Board. How many unknown others with their jobs for mates associations are feeling rather exposed?

Another high-profile rugby figure, New Zealand Rugby Board chairman and former All Black captain Jock Hobbs, was, until last September, an executive director of Strategic Finance, which was placed in receivership last week owing $417 million to about 13,000 investors

Tarred with same brush I'd say. And these buggers have had a hand in stiffing Orklund ratepayers for their one chance at world glory. One does wonder how much business acumen was applied to that task. Too busy arranging for their names on brass plaques for next year to be worried about minor business details like income.

Remind me just how much the Rugby Board has put up for their
their expensive meme to be held next year?

A plague on all involved with the RWC.

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