Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Key distractions [updated]

Whilst John Boy distracts all manner of feral tree-hugging greenies and rabid Forest & Bird bearded loons with the thinly veiled threat of turning the conservation estate into one big open-cast mine, a distraction is served up.
We're focused on sending the right message that someone on a benefit has to do everything they possibly can to get a job

One that has been well advertised and long awaited as small steps in the right direction.

The key changes, to be phased in from September, are:

* Expectations of part-time work for single parents on the domestic purposes benefit when their child reaches six and for people on the invalids benefit deemed capable of part-time work.

* Allowing Work and Income case managers to cut benefits by half as a sanction, followed by a full suspension then a cancellation.

* Employment benefits limited to 12 months. Beneficiaries must reapply after a year with a comprehensive work assessment.

* More frequent assessments of people on a sickness benefit, with three medical assessments during the first twelve weeks, a further assessment every twelve weeks thereafter, and a more comprehensive reassessment after 12 months.

* An increase from $80 to $100 in the amount that people on the domestic purposes benefit for single parents and the invalids benefit can earn each week without affecting their benefit.

Well done. I await the rabid right-of-reply from the left screaming the sky will fall.


Didn't take long:

NRT - "
a nasty, sadistic move, by a nasty, sadistic government"

THM - "Way to ruin my Tuesday..."

Tumeke - "Bash the Bennie time"

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