Tuesday, May 03, 2011

5/8ths of 0.625 is still...

New Act leader Don Brash says he will recommend Rodney Hide retain his ministerial portfolios until the election.

Oh well, that's settled. Continue Parliamentary rorting unabated.

polling he had commissioned to help bolster his bid for the leadership showed he had triple the support of Mr Hide

How's that work then?

In my book, 5/8ths of nothing is still nothing. Sweet FA.


Murray said...

Its "rorting" for himto do his job now?

I rather suspect there is nothing that will please you in regard to our political system that invloves less than a guillotine on the parliament lawn.

PM of NZ said...

There's an idea! Certainly would bring a certain 'edge' to their game.

Anonymous said...

The US has roughly one representative per million legal population.

Please explain why NZ needs any more than four MPs
(especially where those four MPs to be Don Brash, John Boscowen, Paula Rebstock and Crusher Collins, )

PM of NZ said...

Anon, in my book, that's 4 too many!

But I do like your selection.