Saturday, May 28, 2011

Safety and doing the Lord's work

I think the after-ball industry is just encouraging students to drink illegally and I don't think it's a good thing at all.

Carmel College principal shoots from the lip without knowing the whole story.
The after-ball parties - which have separate R18 rooms for those who are of age and wanting to drink

Police will never endorse what we do, but they're happy that we're doing it this way.

So Mr Plod won't condone it, but is OK with physical separation. The spouting continues...
As the principal of a girls' school, I'm particularly concerned for the safety of young women in those situations

Would wager that the same principal, doing the Lord's work ensuring the safety of her charges, also employs counsellors that assist young ladies to murder their yet to be born offspring without advising the parents. As was found to be the law for schools in recent weeks.

'Particularly concerned for the safety of young women', indeed.

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Anonymous said...

You've lost your wager. Your post is quoting out of context, absurdly biased and incorrect.