Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Absolutely Horrifying", "Punitive","Vile"

"Absolutely Horrifying", "Punitive","Vile"

So say the usual suspects are wailing about proposed welfare reforms aimed to push bennies into work.

Who would have thought that I might
be entitled to some productivity from the taxpayer largesse showered upon the bludging underclasses?

You would think that their world was to end forthwith. It is only what most have to do to survive the real world.



Anonymous said...

Well, I think it is awful and vile. If I don't want to work, I expect someone else to support me.

I mean, if I worked and they didn't want to, then they would expect me to support them.

Mort said...

time limits for benefits, and make the benefits come with packets of seeds, and food/ clothing vouchers
Work for the dole schemes need to be ramped up too. There are thousands of Km of riparian embankments that need planting. Set up some nurseries to propagate the necessary plant-life barriers, train the unskilled in something, and then contract with farmers/ councils to plant waterways to protect them from effluent run off. You never know if they work hard enough the farmer might even offer them a more permanent position.

PM of NZ said...

Yes Mort, the endless opportunities abound.

All I get from those supporting the vocal wailers is votes disappearing as their constituents begin to work for the dole.