Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh well, that's that then

ACT's downward slide has been confirmed in the latest poll. Goodbye Don. Great ideas, wrong vehicle. Seriously overloaded with too much liberal baggage. They squandered their only chance.

A developing horror show is the resurgent watermelons. Want more of Red Russel?

Guess the answer, as long predicted, is a vote for the one favoured by the horsey set. Just to stir the pot, so to speak.


Anonymous said...

its early days, the polling was done pre-election. There is a lot of water to flow under the bridge yet.
What will the investor class think of the impending sharemarket drop as a result of the Greeks defaulting and causing a domino effect through southern Europe? Flow on effects will be world wide. The banks could be in for a bit of a torrid old time.

The Gantt Guy said...

PM, don't fall for the headline. The Morgan poll was taken 1 day after Brash assumed the leadership. Not long enough for him to get his feet under the desk, let alone start any policy planning. But plenty long enough for the smiling, waving empty suit and his MSM sycophants to launch a deafening dog whistle. It was als taken before the chewed-up chuddie budget that will do nothing but accelerate our once-great little country's slide into the third world. And the sample size was 850.

Give the man a chance. He walked into a basket-case party in the throes of committing suicide by a thousand cuts. There's a long way from now until November, and remember what Tony Abbott did in the same timeframe in Australia.

Anonymous said...

The media will do anything and everything to discredit Don Brash, their nastiness toward him is unbelievable. The one area they are not PC in.

I agree, early days. Give the man a chance, Roy Morgan is often wrong, too.

Go Don!