Monday, May 09, 2011

Thieving bureaurcrats promising good news?

... the result would be a "good-news story"

Nobody will complain about this one

the reason for holding the meeting in private was the possibility of the "disclosure of information for which good reason for withholding exists"

"... a formality. We just have to tick something off."

Come now Mr Cull, the other one has bells.

The only good news long suffering ratepayers might expect in respect of the stadia being built for the upcoming unwanted, overpriced and overhyped extravaganza on the paddock would be if the thieving bureaucrats that masquerade as councils around the country were placed against the wall and despatched forthwith.

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Murray said...

A good news story would be a 121 seat plane crash and the crew having parachuted to safety as far as i'm concerned.

A weak ass government without the balls to run the country in a manner they were elected to do and an event more tragic opposition who are not fit to dig a long drop without instructions to stop them falling in.