Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another holiday...

Another Waitangi national holiday dawns clear after yet another day of native infighting over turf.  Some cartoons to help with getting into that celebratory feeling.


The word holiday derived from the notion of "Holy Day"
The word originally referred only to special religious days

Our 'national' day is certainly not a holy day.  It is a day to lift the scabs of colonial history where we are annually assaulted with displays of thuggery and baying native mobs looking for ever more entitlements.  The other side never makes the news, although there is much pomp and ceremony.

The thugs again were once out in force with some muck throwers, aged crones jostling for position alongside the leader of the race pandering Nats and with all the political hangers on looking to state their case whilst buying votes on the taxpayer dime.

For me, definitely not a holiday to celebrate.  Just another day at the office.  Some light reading for those with a bent to know more about why I feel this way about our 'national' day.

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