Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Remember this?

Was looking round the Net for more on the frequently used term Wogistan.  Been used for years.  Remember this photo of a Legionnaire in Mali repelling the invading hordes from Outer Wogistan?

Apparently the good Legionnaire got himself a Blue Flight home quick smart for that gesture.  His career is stuffed.

He's now back with the cheese eating surrender monkeys doing 40 days in the slammer.  Gone are the days when liberators of countries can take a leak in the Rhine or chalk 'To Baghdad with much love' on ordnance with the world's media in attendance.  Now it is PC messaging all the way.

No wonder today's western military are next to useless in the heat of battle.


Alex said...

Strange, I recall the term Wog being a derogatory term for everyone from Greeks, to Italians, to Jews, to Lebanese, to Spaniards to South Asians, and now apparently to radical Islamists. Either Wogistan must be a very big place, or the people who use the term are fuckwits.

PM of NZ said...

Alex, there are other meanings such as "Wily Oriental Gentleman" or in good Naval tradition, a contraction of Pollywog.

Are you a Wog? (One who has not crossed the equator and been presented to Neptunus Rex)