Sunday, February 24, 2013

Entitled teachers: "I also had to spend $400 of my own money"

was forced to take six weeks off after losing her voice

ACC wouldn't pay out because I couldn't prove my condition was work related

Poor wee thing.  She had to cough to continue employment in her chosen profession.  But really wanted the taxpayer to pay.

People like singers and auctioneers are tuned into the fact that they have to take care of their voices

Meanwhile in the outside real world of self employment and business, if you were practising your profession and fell ill, standby for your income to cease.  Maybe in the real world, the employee would have self-funded insurance cover for loss of income.

Hoarseness: The 21st century excuse for a sickie from the entitled.  In days gone by, kids would have heeded the teacher's dulcet tones without the need to raise their voices.  One wonders if such problems are not self induced via current teaching methodologies.

Mind you, the real cause of hoarseness is probably from all that misguided unionist screaming on  picket lines at the Minister of Education, Hekia Perata.  I'd wager she doesn't mention that to the quack.

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