Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tying loose ends? If only...

There's never been overwhelming enthusiasm for the Crown and Maori relationship

Damned right about that!

not surprised by the poor public perception of the Treaty relationship

about stale, historical claims

The money grubbing native elite only have themselves to thank for that after reopening the long festering can of worms that is the treaty in the mid 70's as they chased more 'full and final' settlements from the eternal money tree.  And governments of all hues have been particularly keen to assuage 'colonial guilt' buying votes with truckloads of taxpayer monies.  None more so than the current Nats who have abandoned their long cherished principles for the racist native vote.

The process began in the 1980s - and for a whole generation of New Zealanders who have lived through it, it's drawing to a close. 

Bit by bit the loose ends are being tied.

Lived through it? More like endured the process as history has been rewritten to suit the new narrative, watched a Supreme Court infested with activist judiciary along with every modern business move blocked by central and local government processes kowtowing to 'treaty principles'.  Principles which can be changed with generous lashings of taxpayer wedge. 

Loose ends being tied?  The native noose continues to tighten on the taxpayer.  If only the noose was being tightened elsewhere.

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