Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anti-National Standards lefties are narrow minded

Chippie has the cheek to suggest over at Red Lerts that those looking to continue with National Standards are being 'narrow minded'.

I say quite the opposite, with my comment below.

“Instead of taking such a narrow-minded approach, we need to…”

One of these days one would hope that those being utterly narrow minded by remaining ideologically opposed to performance measurement or any sort will be reined in or shown the door.

A child’s educational achievement and performance should be measured against known standards, not some subjective assessment by an often unionised drone looking to preserve their tenure.
National Standards may not be the perfect vehicle at present during early implementations, but as part of the above ‘… we need to …’ one would hope that the narrow minded are doing every thing to improve those standards rather than continually being totally negative.

For our education systems to be ‘world class’ the ideologically opposed are missing one key element in the quality control cycle of continuous improvements. That of being measured to a known standard.

As this definitely includes measurement of teacher performance, I say get on with National Standards as the measurement tool and make it work!

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