Saturday, February 02, 2013

Socialist stopped from getting OPM

Philanthropist Sir Owen Glenn has been forced to freeze grants to projects aimed at ending family violence, apparently because of a dispute in his own family trust over how his fortune should be spent

Well, maybe not OPM, but it was too good a post name to resist.

it was no longer appropriate to distribute philanthropy in NZ

Ah, the tax advantages for philanthropy must be better elsewhere in the world.   And that is the reason such distributions are made.

We have been reassured that they are totally dedicated to the Otara project, and that there may be some delays

What I did wonder was if the Otara Health centre is accepting funds from this socialist with philanthropic intent, what happens when his funds dry up?  It all goes belly up and no doubt the pieces have to be picked up by the taxpayer.  Or is this crowd having more than a suck of the sav from both ends?

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