Friday, February 07, 2014

Academic gets her knickers in a twist over safety ad

Massey University lecturer and feminist commentator Deborah Russell, who today viewed a preview about the making of the video, said she objected to the use of "highly sexualised" images in a safety video

Really?  Not all can enjoy business trips on the taxpayer dollar to spread unwarranted feminist tripe. 

Sounds like the academic needs a serious dose of reality to untwist her knickers.


Anonymous said...

Her problem is easy to see when you look at the models - its envy. Labour and the left have sexualised everything they touch. The briefing looks to be a great add for the Cook Islands so well done Air NZ for shifting it way from NZ scenery and reflecting you are a global airline.


Anonymous said...

It,s a fair bet the video was 'created' by a woman anyway/