Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Napier City Council committee designs a museum ...

Napier's new $18 million museum and gallery cannot hold the collection it was built to accommodate

it now appeared that just 40 per cent would be able to fit in the building

... and find out that only 40% of the collection will fit into the new building.

Council chief executive Wayne Jack yesterday said ... he did not know how this happened. He was not sure if there had been an intention to store the entire collection in the new building, but admitted there were no plans in place to store any part of the collection elsewhere

in no way is Hastings council in any way responsible. 

This is a Napier City Council project and someone's made a huge error

Damned right!  An error of gargantuan proportion that ratepayers will foot.  As expected, the tossers are running for cover.

Funny how they stored 100% of the the collection off-site for three years during the build, but failed to notice how much space might eventually be required.

Maybe they should make room for the design committee and the quantity surveyors to be permanently stored in the footings of the new building now required to hold the other 60% of the collection.

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It is Napier mate.