Thursday, February 27, 2014

ACT rookie recants; Comment of the day

Comment of the Day:

The four pillars of liberalism/libertarianism: Abortion, euthanasia, sexual depravity and drugs.

Not a great recipe for a functional society.

from Urban Redneck
And in other news:

New Act leader Jamie Whyte has back-tracked on comments that incestuous relationships between consenting adults should not be illegal.
Doesn't like the heat in the kitchen.  Obviously a line was crossed in the Kiwi pysche.  
There is hope, New Zealander's really do have some limits of tolerance on muck serving from progressive liberals.


Urban Redneck said...

Well, thank you. I got that phrase from something David Horowitz once said.


PM of NZ said...

UR, 'a functional society' is the key.

They have all finest ideals, with which many I could agree, but at the practical family level, they just do not cut it.

Might appeal to political theorists, but not Jane Public who doesn't wish to ever hear of Grandad or Papa shagging their daughters.