Friday, February 07, 2014

Oz: Now is the time for "lean, efficient government"

Abbott is determined to break sharply away from Labor's economic policies to clearly define a new incarnation of traditional Liberalism: lean, efficient government with as little intrusion into the economy as possible; a high degree of corporate and personal responsibility; minimal union influence and power; and containment of welfare spending.

There will be few rescue packages and little federal largesse. Abbott and Hockey have continued their pre-election warnings of impending doom unless there is sweeping change and have said that taxpayers' money must not be regarded as a lifeline.

Individuals have been told to better manage their own financial affairs. So have companies, in the clearest possible terms. Abbott has rejected further subsidies to the car industry, allowing Holden to quit production and risking the departure of Toyota, the sole remaining car-maker.

One can only hope that our little Johnny, fresh from putting natives in their place and offering settlement bribes, takes those ideas onboard when he crosses the ditch for the upcoming talkfest.


Anonymous said...

I would not hold your breath.The prick prefers to give our assets to the ferals and sell the rest to the chinese

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how the Aussis did the magic trick of standing around doing nothing much while still making more money than us. Now we see it wasn't magic - its was stupidity. Abbot will have a fight on his hands but he'd do well here where we have a better work ethic.