Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chess pieces move in corrupt Jafaland [update]

A hotel, shopping centre and residential apartments will be part of the country's tallest building which has been given the go-ahead for a central Auckland site

Neat, another viewing platform built on a super shaky volcanic field.

Mayor Len Brown announced the Auckland Centre tower project today, saying it is on the route of the planned City Rail Link

Based at the corner of Elliot and Victoria St, it is a $350 million-plus, 52 storey, 209-metre tall commercial development by Shanghai-based New Development Group (NDG) 

It will have a 302-room hotel and entertainment complex, residential apartments, shopping centre, restaurants, cinema and sky decks.

Now that's convenient. Some pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that is Jafaland politics are moved on the chessboard.

  • Lying Len takes a dodgy trip to China last year
  • Not happy with extension arrangements by Sky City, but suddenly changes tack
  • Exceedingly keen to build a super-expensive railway to nowhere, no-one wants
  • Will not man-up for indiscretions on ratepayer's dime and resign

One has to wonder if 30 pieces of silver have been paid to get his name on a plaque.  Obviously, anywhere will do, as our most esteemed mayor continues to reek of corruption and desperation.


Meanwhile in other news:

Casino company SkyCity's profits have slumped

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The railway to nowhere with no one