Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dutch show the Butcher of Europe Putin how to do things with solemnity and dignity

Emotional: A sign displayed inside Amsterdam's Schipol airport - from where MH17 took off - expresses sympathy to everyone facing a loss as a result of the crash

Salute: Dignitaries from the Netherlands, (Hans Docter, the Dutch Ambassador, third from left) and Australia (ambassador Gene Dunn, left of Mr Docter; Colonel Peter Steel, saluting in black hat; and retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, saluting in green hat) watch as the coffin of an MH17 victim is carried towards the plane

Mourning: The Dutch flag flies at half mast on the parliament building in The Hague. The Dutch government has declared today a day of national mourning for the victims of the MH187 disaster

In recent days we have witnessed the wrong and the right way to handle such matters.  A lesson to all involved and those who might be involved in future similar operations.

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Andrei said...

Now PM I normally agree with you but I do take exception to this title.

The truth is that the investigation of this tragedy is just beginning and yet the usual suspects have already tried and convicted who they want the culprit to be.

In fact when the dust settles the real culprit is maybe revealed and if it is who I suspect it might be it will be someone you have never even heard of for reasons that you would not understand unless you are well versed in East European history and politics,

But here is a video of VVP announcing this tragedy to his cabinet - does he look like a butcher?


PM of NZ said...

Andrei, a certain leader of Germany not so long ago was similarly a master of such Jekyll and Hide emotions as he waged war in Europe.

Irrespective of East European local politics, IMHO Putin is at the top of the tree aiding and abetting the terrorists in the Ukraine, so deservedly gets the title.

Also I'm sure some currently unknown underling will be the scapegoat, but Putin is the puppeteer.

Andrei said...

Here is another video PM, it includes the so called "terrorists" who have nee accused of drunken looting and other demonization and the OSCE observers

In fact a screen shot of a "terrorist" holding up a child's teddy bear taken as a "trophy" appeared in several Western Newspapers to demonize these people.

But watch what really happened and if you ask nicely I will tell you what the "terrorist" said.

Don't believe everything you read or are told PM, people with agendas distort things.

Human beings are basically the same where ever you live but and get them to kill each other, which most of us are reluctant to do, you have to demonize the ones you want killed