Sunday, July 13, 2014

One can only hope

not always possible to do what was right and also be popular

So says the NZer of the Year supporting the party which actively promotes apartheid by appealing to "our people" with their raced based policies. 

Pity he cannot do the right thing and promote electoral representation without seats or parties based on race.

I look forward to his party of racists being consigned to electoral oblivion at this election, along with the totally raced based Maori seats.  Only then will New Zealand will move forward as one.

We pushed the door of Government wide open, we have been the party to say to our whānau, hapu, iwi. We have brought you all with us.

Unfortunately,  having the Maori Party inside the National tent supposedly pissing out has irreparably tarnished the Nats brand as being willing to enable raced based policies for votes.  If the crazies are in the tent with you, some of the crazy will no doubt stain the other occupants.

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