Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Algerian connection

One hour and 27 minutes later, another SIS agent said the agency's block would be lifted, writing: "Since Dotcom is not of security concern, there is no reason for this application to be on hold with us. Please can you inform your INZ contacts of this, also noting Dotcom is the subject of a criminal investigation and that they need to discuss the case with NZ Police before they proceed with granting him PR [permanent residency]."

A trap waiting to be sprung pundits suggest.   Now apparently Mr SIS must front with an explanation. 

Anything to take down the evil Mr Key. IMHO, pot vs kettle.

Sounds just like the saga with a certain Algerian a decade ago.  Persona non-grata worldwide, a convicted terrorist by all counts, but suddenly fit and proper to be a New Zealand citizen to sell kebabs in Palmy.   Have always wondered what strings were pulled.  Wasn't Labour front and centre on that dodgy immigration case?

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