Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Effing apologist wants to lead us

Labour leader David Cunliffe has admitted to making errors

admitting that the holiday was a mistake

I take responsibility for things I could have done better

with the information that I now have about the movement in the polls, which I didn't have when I made that decision [to take a holiday], I would have made a different decision

certainly would not have gone on such a long break

apologised for being a man

What a tosser.

The man who would lead us to a land of milk and honey via taxing rich pricks has been reading the entrails as his caucus have ripped him to shreds today.

he noted he was also ill for two days "and I didn't have much choice about that"

Wonder if we will ever see a doctor's note for that?

An effing apology for a man that I sincerely hope never gets nearer to governing us than the Oppposition.

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