Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Egg and a lot of pie.

Labour's slurping from a poisoned well of candidates will have a profound effect post election.  Egg will be splattered across people's faces with the long overdue rout of ancient deadwood and union stiffs as the party tries to reconnect with Waitakere Man. Some remain optimistic, but I'd say their 'A' game is over.

Yesterday the new kid on the block was given his marching orders by Mr Key.  No upfront deal by pulling the East Coast Bays Nat candidate pre-election.  I say good to that, pity he doesn't do that in Epsom and Ohariu.  I say let the voters make the choice, not have it dictated.  And to think power at any cost still would involve Winston First.

Most will paint the Conservative Party as a band of intolerant bigoted right wing single issue Christian crazies like Whale Oil has long done.  I see Emmerson has also jumped on that wagon this morning writing them off.

I sincerely hope that the Conservative Party redoubles its efforts and betters 5%.  If Craig's self funded party crosses the line, they will be better for it, having done it independently on their own terms and truly "Stand for something". If so, egg will be splattered and it will be fun watching a lot of humble pie being eaten. 

Not that I've decided where to place a tick, but 5% of the vote will come with a big slice of humble pie as the current naysayers look to entertain the bloc.  Good on him for keeping both Labour and Nats as options, he has little choice if he wants to waste his money getting into the trough.  Though a definite no for me would be any entertaining of greenie loons and nutters.

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