Monday, December 08, 2008

Bob's Whau Portal for Westies

Continuing his isolationist moves the eco-dinosaur Mare Bob wants to waste more ratepayer money building his visions for Westies.
Waitakere City Council will investigate developing a Chinatown precinct for New Lynn which could include erecting large ornamental gates.

Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey outlined to councillors in October a proposal to redevelop part of Totara Ave as a precinct reflective of traditional and modern China.

One wonders why this travesty was mooted in October, but only reported in December. Didn't want any more bad news for his Liarbour mates around election time?

None less than portal gates at great expense for New Lynn. Seems the feral locals might need locking in at night.

Maybe it is for those who would pass through the gates as they cross the Whau creek eastwards into the Shangri-La that is Greater JafaLand. Yes, Bob has an ultimate vision to keep all Westies local to work, play and live out west and never integrate with the rest of Orklund.

Mark my words, his Whau Portal is just the start.

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