Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting on with business

Things are happening in the bearpit.

KiwiSlaver changes - passed.

Tax changes - passed.

Hercepton a happening thing.

Great stuff. A cracking pace. Getting on with business in hand. Action by the hour.
This rubbish from the Opposition about low income people being attacked...if they're hard up it's because Labour ignored them for years

Where is the opposition? Do we have one? The filibustering rabble over the last couple of days is piss weak.

And judging by the positive directions exuding from the Beehive in all directions from those with the reins, these unionised bludgers might do well to take any current offer. For if they hang out too long, the offer fairy might just pack up. After all, unions are now not in a position of strength with head prefect fearless Phil in opposition.

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