Friday, December 12, 2008

Dingos chasing their own s59

Using tree-hugger Bradford's anti-smacking laws as a fine example of legislation, dingos on the other side of the ditch want something similar.
Smacking of children by parents is currently legal under the common law, as long as reasonable force is used and the sole intention is to correct behaviour.

As it was in NZ and should still be. Haven't they heard of the upcoming referendum on that matter and the fact that 85% were dead set against that change?

This time it is one of their academics pushing for change. Again suggesting Mr Plod should be the arbitrator with a wishy-washy law.
I would expect that police will not take action unless there is not real harm done

Now remind me how many kids are on the wall of shame since that loony law was passed.

I expect Oz parents will tell Krudd where to smack this suggestion.

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