Friday, December 12, 2008

Compulsory Maori flip-flop on the Liarbour agenda

And just how much would such a move cost this country? Tangible benefits in this modern world outside of NZ?
called for Maori to be a compulsory language for all pupils till the age of 14. "This is one small step we could take to build a more harmonious society."

Such a socially engineered 'harmonious society' might exist somewhere in the mind of his speech-writer.

The new MP would do well to note that he lives in a once first-world English speaking country, not some third-world backwater some affectionately know as the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Education Minister Trevor Mallard will not adopt an NZEI remit to make Maori language compulsory in schools.

"While I support the ideal of Maori language being available to all school children, I do not support compulsory Maori language in schools.

And also to note that his bully boy cohort, a Minister of Education in days of yore, long ago stated his opposition.
We are still a long way off a system where we are providing quality resources, and quality teachers where there is a high demand.

Ain't that the truth. After the debacles of NCEA, this is just another flip-flop on Liarbour's part.

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showmethetaxcut said...

Grant Robertson is just another typical Labour PC gay liberal.

The Labour years are over. Move on.