Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fetid Southland swamp is purged

fire swept through conservation estate but had not threatened homes or property

That will get the local greenie ferals exercised.  No doubt a looming disaster of epic proportion in the minds of some.

Soon we'll hear the sorry saga and requests for taxpayer largesse, especially from the Riverton chapter of the hippies.  And it will be all down to climate change.

Rare birds threatened

Just like the few oiled up birds that washed up oil-soaked in tidal scum courtesy of  RENA that were made out to be the end of the world.  Never a mention of the thousands that perish at the hands of each and every southerly storm.

The only loss was a long-drop toilet

Excellent news!  No real damage then. At least the local cockies should not be blamed for purging the fetid swamp.  Now those adjacent of the landed gentry could get in early and turn it into viable dairy runoff since it has been pre-cleared by natural means.


robertguyton said...

On cue...your comments here are foolish in the extreme. How you can rejoice in a fire that has destroyed 1/3 of a reserve in which there are fernbirds, marsh crakes and bitterns nesting, is beyond my ken. Mind you, I couldn't care less for your opinion. I am concerned about the fire though, as pest weeds such as broom and gorse are quick to take advantage of a fire, as were you.
The source of the fire has not yet been determined, but the last fire that burned through this area was lit by a farmer. This fire will probably be the first of many reported this season, where farmer-lit burn-off's get out of control and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Seems they never learn.

PM of NZ said...

"couldn't care less"

RG, you obviously care enough about my opinions to make derisory comment about such on my blog.

As you are probably aware I always see the end result of such fire occurrences as natural events that expose the ripe potential for future agricultural enterprise. As per your straw men, it may be the case this fire may well have been initiated via other than a natural event.

I certainly do not see the area in its previous state as being anything other than a fetid swamp, a polar opposite to the greenie anti-farming ban everything mindset.