Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never ending parade of homosexuals [updated]

Another homosexual shows himself (or should that be herself?) to the media.   Is there any person in the media/arts that is not bent?
a matter of human rights at its most basic level

Bollocks.  A lot of things are touted as human rights, but in my opinion this is not one of them.  I will (and I suspect many others) never be convinced otherwise that this is nothing but a sordid perversion.

Like any parent ... the first thing he told me was how disappointed he was

The never ending parade of homosexuals outing themselves continues at pace.  With  examples of the sickness of modern PC society such as this 'disappointment', it is no wonder we have kids topping themselves like there's no tomorrow when they can't see proper examples of whether they should be Arthur or Martha.


Should include the 'h' word and words like that in a post title every day.  Best hit rate in 24 hours for weeks.  Yes, all lurkers have been over for squiz, but as usual, zero comment.  Such is the blogger's rewards of screaming into the Interweb void.

Now I  know why WOBH has posts on the topic almost daily.  Just to up the hit rate...


Anonymous said...

Why are you obsessed with having large numbers of people come to your site and and waste a few seconds realising you're a dickwad? Very odd.

PM of NZ said...

Some facts for you anon, it is obvious that you've put a lot of effort into your commentary.

dickwad: a commonplace reference to George W. Bush

No I am not GWB.

The average visit time is currently more than a few seconds at around 230 seconds.

KG said...

Why is anonycoward obsessed with making anonymous comments in blogs it disapproves of? There's a psych research paper there. :)