Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is that it?

A bribe of a new 'entry level' house for the unwashed dole bludger but potential lefty voter.  A side distraction, the unions and Camp David get manna from heaven via the 40% vote to be had in 79 days.  Or was it 79 hours?

Unbelievable.  Apart from the list of new taxes coming my way, was that it from Labour?  Really?

Looking at the housing bribe:

About 2/3rds in Jafaland = potentially about 70,000 new houses.

Average section say 400m2 = 25x houses per Ha @ say $200K land value each section.

70,000 / 25 = 2800 Ha required. 

Now that's almost 30Km of greenfields, 1Km wide that Loopy Len is going to have to release to evil developers and city sprawl.  Come Monday, when the toxic mist of whatever has been drunk/consumed at the conference, I think not will be the word from Lyin Lens's office.  All he's worried about is his toy train set.

And the cost?  Land for 100,000 houses would be $20 Billion before a single house is built.  Houses at bottom end of rung these days approach $1500/m2, so a 100m2 3-bedroom box is another $150K, so all up, about $35 Billion up the spout.  Be Labour wants to give them away for $30Bn.  Isn't there a law with the IRD for selling goods below market price attract penalty taxes?

But for now that is a mother of an election bribe.  To be paid no doubt, by soaking 'rich pricks' like me.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you like to show off about how rich you think you are. Cute.

KG said...
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KG said...

Better perhaps to be deluded about one's level of wealth than to be too cowardly to use a name or a nick, eh?
And in any case, no wealth is so modest that a leftist welfare bludger doesn't regard it as fit for pillaging.

PM of NZ said...

The unfortunate thing KG, as you suggest, any like my self that actually pay tax are regarded by the left as rich pricks only fit for further pillaging and redistribution to bludgers.

mawm said...

You must never be ashamed of money that you have earned.

To anonymous 9:24 - It is nice being rich. It sure beats having to shop at the Warehouse, and being able to eat out instead of buying KFC take out. But remember that I probably pay for at least 3 to 4 bludgers', like you, living costs, their housing, their health care, their offspring's schooling and their superan. This is acheived through my own hard work, nobody else's. If you don't like it, don't accept my money (but then I suspect you do not have the moral integrity to practice what you preach).

Anonymous said...

Mawn, your riches you cannot take with you. Be generous and share, don't be a McScrooge. Smug, like the PM.

mawm said...

Anon - What gives you the right to live off other people?

Anonymous said...

Because other people sometimes just got lucky, and also, it is the Christian thing to do, if you can (if you are rich). Of course, it's harder for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to get into heaven.

And by the way, I don't live off other people. I give out what I can, to charity etc. I believe in sharing wealth or whatever you can.

mawm said...

Lucky is when you win lotto, the rest of us have had to work hard for it our whole lives……….and have been "giving" disproportionately as well. I don't voluntarily give to the indolent, the drugged and those who think it is their birthright to receive.