Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Losing the war

By sundown, if papers and the tone of blogs are to believed, today will go down in history as the day the Labour party wrote its own death warrant.

Today the caucus may well have its cake, winning today's battle on the technical exercise of a confidence vote on leadership, demoting the devil incarnate to the back benches.  I do wonder what he's done to soil his copybook.  Dared not to pray to Helen five times a day?

Unfortunately for the ABC clique, rightly or wrongly at the weekend's conference, the unwashed deemed that they also wanted to have an active part of the leadership selection process.  But the clique of old farts is having it's way under the old rules today. 

Meanwhile party membership will languish, maybe even face a revolt with en-masse membership resignations.  The tone suggests the membership is highly annoyed at today's unfolding events and are prepared to use the new rules to their advantage.

Come February, the unshaven one will have done his time on the back benches, rounded up his Satan's little helpers and muster a leadership challenge to rout the ABC clique as the long war is finally won.

An interested observer watching the implosion whilst the ABC clique stuff themselves full of cake.

Long may it continue!

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Anonymous said...

It's almost like the stuff of fiction. I'd pick Shearer as the safer bet to beat Key in 2014, the man is just more genuine and nice. The bearded one is oh-so-blatantly ambitious, how can he front up to work every day and survive the caucus?