Sunday, November 25, 2012

Labour infested with homosexuality

the party has lost its way and been "contaminated" by liberal policy

they are controlled by homosexuals .. a smell that won't go away

Helen Clark ... had infested the party with homosexuality

Long known, but finally someone calls it as it is.  A party of the damned without morals.  Full of wannabee liberal minorities each looking to impart their various decadencies and immoral practices on the populace whilst open to offering bribes in return for your vote.  And trying to cut each other's grass in the process.

Excuse the pun, but that will have buggered the PI vote.  Pity it is the pot calling out the kettle

An aside, the other parties are not immune, for example the unprincipled Nats promoting apartheid would do well to take notice and rid themselves of liberals dragging them from their core principles.

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