Thursday, April 18, 2013

Labour will raise taxes for power - guaranteed

The Crown would forgo dividends and tax revenue from the power companies at a cost of $60-$90 million a year

Nothing ever changes does it?  The government income will drop as power companies are screwed to the wall over wholesale prices, but the outgoings will not change one iota.

 Observant readers will know there is only one way to balance the Labour books in such situations.  Another bloody tax rise.  Guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

After the Nats blatant disregard of their electorate over the last few years it is unlikely that they will be re-elected, so take it as a given that your shares in MRP will bomb………and your taxes will increase to pay the $60 -90 million PLUS the cost of the new agency that will be set up to regulate the power. This is a cynical move by labour to get their hands on the keys to the exchequer (remember student loans) and giving the finger to the NZ tax payer. mawm

PM of NZ said...

After last night's action by the turncoats we've elected, none deserve another bite of the cherry. With Labour we know increased taxes are guaranteed. The feral treehuggers out further left will only speed the economy to ruin.

Unfortunately, with the current crop of the unprincipled lot that masquerade as National MPs, we're going to get a heap more of the same left of centre bollocks.

What is required is a party with right of centre principles. The Nats will not be getting my vote in 2014 on their current performance.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kin Il Norman then? I'm not sure what he'll actually govern when he's given it all back to Maori.