Friday, April 05, 2013

Man hands gonads to sisterhood

if the aim was to stop adults role-modelling smoking behaviour, and given 41 per cent of Maori women smoked, perhaps they should be sterilised
A ballsy comment maybe.  Councillor saying what needs to be said, but now another ex-male apologises to all and sundry as the sisterhood squeezes his gonads in a vice.


Exsmoker said...

It is good to see that Tariana Turia does have some aspects of smokers lives that she does not want to control. Though i do not understand why the biggest proportion of smokers can't have their 'civil liberties' tied if one of her worries is the 'monkey see, monkey do' of children learning from parents, logical conclusion to a not in public policy surely.

lucia said...

In my view it has little to do with the "sisterhood". More worrying is that a councillor could come up with an illogical a1 + b = c2 type idea. First he had to think that smoking was his problem, then he had to get frustrated that it was his problem, then he had to join dots that weren't connected between smoking, causes, children, learning, bans, and maori women that don't exist. Then he opened his mouth. Not only did he not think, he seems to have put all his random thoughts in a hat, pulled some out and constructed a statement with them. He needn't apologise for anything if his constituents vote him in again. They get what they deserve.

PM of NZ said...


Cannot fathom what your line is. Apart from thinking that you agree with his intent to curtail their liberties.

My take remains that he has publicly made a statement, I think of some merit. But now, like many so called males before him, as the sisterhood applies the pressure, he apologises.

My only wish is those in public office had the wherewithal to stand by their true feelings.

Blue Sky said...

I am one of his constituents and want the stupid man gone.
However there aren't many of us with brain cells left in Palmy Nth.