Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Cultural commentators hope for a reasoned debate on a move to recognise alternative names for both the North and South Islands - but one says it's likely to bring out pedants and rednecks

I see attack is the best form of defence for getting your line of reasoning to the gullible public, so I thought I'd do the same with heading for this post.

It'll bring all the pedants out of the bloody provinces is all. It'll probably draw out a few rednecks as well but I think it's a nice idea

Like the pro-homosexual marriage lobby screams 'bigot' at any who dare to question the liberal progressive's take on such matters, we have self appointed arbiters of culture sounding off again about geographic place names.

Labour MP Rino Tirikatene, whose Te Tai Tonga electorate boundaries extends across the South Island, said he hoped the changes would be straightforward, but there was the possibility the debate could degenerate into racism

Racism?  Hypocritical much?  Have you noticed your very political  existence relies on an electorate defined by race?

For me, you can stick your 'nice idea', there will always be a North and South Island in New Zealand, irrespective of what these tossers decide.  And Mt Egmont will always lie west of Wanganui.  Even though my recently renewed passport is now filled with insidious culturalist namings, there will never be an Aotearoa, a Fongaray or the like in my vocabulary.

ps  I see the Google spellchecker is now infested with the new spelling of Wanganui as being the correct PC choice.


KG said...

Only white people can be racists. Black (or brown) racism is merely affirmative action, ok?

Pj said...

Dunno, may have to have a meeting/hui to talk that one out. Shall I apply for funding, we could hold it in queenstown, good place for conferences I've heard.