Thursday, April 18, 2013


A big thank you to all the MPs that stayed strong voting against homosexual marriage.

Dare I say it, especially the four Labour MPs that held true to their morals in the face of the cabal of queers in their party.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see Findlayson against. Maybe he's so worried about the coming backlash against him over his shameful Maori suck ups he was too scared to piss the mainstream off further. Bad news Chris, its too late.

Anonymous said...

Banks - For. Has there ever been a more useless, spineless representative for the people of Epsom, an electoral zone defined by family values? mawm

Urban Redneck said...

@ mawm

No !

(of course your question was rhetorical)

Anonymous said...

How did Mallard vote? I thought he would have been one of the nos. But it seems that he caved in. Banks is useless, but I knew that already.

Natural justice may see National dumped next year, hopefully, with Winston Peters Kingmaker. History will repeat and Key will be history?

Dave Rogers.