Monday, April 15, 2013

Self serving tossers trying to justify their overpaid existence

It's not just nosy-parkerishness

Definitely are in league of their own aren't they?  Must be all that rarefied air in the old boy's club.

I think the public absolutely has a right to know about how our judicial system is functioning

also called for greater "civics" education in schools on the way New Zealand society functions

Bollocks.   We know how the courts function, we see it daily in the mitigated lenient sentences that are given.  They favour the criminal, particularly those with certain genes where the modern criminal when caught can go for a 'restorative' cuppa down the local hall, a slap round the ear with a wet bus ticket, coupled with home detention or community service.  What a bloody joke current judicial sentencing is.  Lock the criminals up.

And we are not interested in our kids being indoctrinated with civics or any other sideline lefty recruiting drive by activist judiciary.

Some of the criticism of judges was ill-informed

Again bollocks.  Your sentencing methods inform us daily of the injustices for the victim.

In my view, convicted criminals have forfeited their rights to be part of society, they need to be locked up for maximum terms without parole and victims need to be front and centre of any justice system.

Self serving pricks show how much they are out of touch with what the NZ public really want.


KG said...

Too bloody right!

Baxter said...

I agree.

Allan said...

They certainly do not live in the real world. All Judges should be retired Police Senior Sergeants. At least in their career they have seen what the mongrels who appear before them behave like out on the streets. We may then get some realistic sentencing.

dondiego said...

"Just as ministers are held accountable, I think it is important that public funding and public expectations are able to be well informed rather than uninformed.

So nothing of any import will be done then.

PM of NZ said...

DonD, you're right that nothing of any import will be done. Other than the taxpayer continuing funding lefty indoctrination via 'expectations are to be well informed rather than uninformed'.