Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nanny State: Must be seen doing something...

Maritime New Zealand says it is working with the fishing industry to develop new safety systems that may make wearing lifejackets compulsory

Maybe an admirable idea.  Lives can and must be saved.  After all, we Kiwis must be saved from 'the New Zealand disease'

We are still in consultation with those in the fishing industry and while the new regulations are still being developed the use of lifejackets could well be re-addressed

I just have this sense of foreboding, with Nanny State and copious amounts of taxpayer wedge.  Such tragedies cannot be wasted with bureaucrats being seen to do something.  Anything.

While we already have:

Presently the national code of practice under Maritime NZ guidelines states that before crossing any bar entrance skippers should ensure that everyone on board is awake and dressed, and have lifesaving equipment easily accessible and ready for immediate use

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