Wednesday, May 01, 2013

VF Wireless Network issues: Doh! [update II]

This morning VF wireless US based content appears not to be available for the past few hours.  Unless it is already cached here in NZ.

Now a quick check for network issues with VF on their website connects to a server (overseas???) called vodafonenz.i.lithium.com with zero response.  And hence zero detail of the connectivity issue.

One might guess that the VF help server is located offshore which is absolutely useless when issues arise such as today's loss of international content.  Idiots!

At least I cannot be tempted to read Mr Prent's hate site.  It is not available today as their Cloudflare server is located overseas.

[update II]
Appears to be fixed at 1240.  - 8 hours later!

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