Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mr Plod shafted by bleeding heart IPCA over useless Labour law

Police acted "unlawfully, unjustifiably and unreasonably" in establishing road blocks, and detaining and searching people during the Urewera raids six years ago, the police watchdog says

IMHO, Mr Plod did a fine job on the day in question, controlling the often previously belligerent separatist locals via searches, roadblocks and arresting the would be terrorists after a two year surveillance operation.

It is a pity that Labour's hastily written anti-terrorist laws were subsequently proven not to be up to the mark as most of the collected evidence was ditched.  More like legal bleeding hearts hard at work dancing on pin heads, but have those laws been fixed yet Mr Key?

the nature of complaints received by the authority ranged from the impact on the community of armed AOS officers at a road block to feelings of ill-treatment by police during the execution of search warrants at properties

Ill feelings???  You've got to be joking!   This was an anti-terrorist operation conducted as one would expect.

So today, the IPCA finally gets their report to the public and shafts the Police for doing their job.  A duty they executed properly knowing that they would not get local support.  It is a pity that after all these years only four remain convicted, in my view all arrested were guilty as initially reported.

The report is tomorrow's fish and chip wrapper whilst the perpetrators carry on their own sweet way to separatism and apartheid, knowing full well they've got away yet again via our piss-weak anti-terrorist legislation.   And it is a pity that the current Police Commissioner does not have the balls to tell the IPCA to take a hike, stand up for his staff and allow the Police to get on with their job.

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