Friday, May 31, 2013

No, I do not hate you, but...

The greenie half leader queries whether real New Zealander's  hate her and her ilk, causing their kids to top themselves.

A post that cannot be commented on. (except maybe via FB, in which I do not have an account)

Hers's what I tried to post as a comment:

It's not what others think that cause our kids to top themselves. 

It's the feckless lazy parents unwilling to get off their backsides, permanently on the dole in entitlement, grievance and victimhood mode complaining how it is all the fault of society that sets the example of utter hopelessness for kids.  All while wanting the latest of this and that given freely to them on my dime which those of us whom worked long and hard years to attain making often very difficult family decisions along the way.

The kids that require it are given every opportunity through directed welfare, health initiatives and education to succeed, but a lot choose not to avail themselves of it.  When those kids see those around them, including politicians who will not stand up for them, taking the perceived easy route of it's all too hard they follow on that easy route with tragic results.

Indeed, it has long been an accurate portrayal of Maori and Polynesian people as being fat lazy bludgers and is one that needs changing.   All parents of children, irrespective of ethnicity, have as their core responsibility to feed and clothe their own children closely followed by setting a good example of ethics. 

When parents do not lead by example, openly dishing out their own brand of open hostility toward society, we can only expect one result.

While I'm not adverse to having a laugh over such matters when a cartoonist hits the nail on the head as in yesterday's example, I for one am heartily sick of throwing good tax money after bad to look after after some other prick's kids, when those parents will not shift off their arses to help themselves and set good examples for their children.

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