Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rules for some, none for others

Auckland's most influential tribe is planning a massive new residential project on the edge of its hard-won Bastion Pt land, where up to 6000 whanau could eventually live

Amazing how the well connected could bypass the RMA and look to build a new slum right in the heart of Jafaland.  After having been evicted from their million dollar state homes for life just around the corner nearby in the Glen Innes area.  And right on the highest valued piece of coast in New Zealand.

I'd daresay others without similar connections would be put through every possible planning hurdle and heaps of unnecessary consultations with much palm greasing to get anywhere near altering the skyline in a designated coastal zone.  Bet we would also find neighbours with slum affected view shafts will be brushed aside.

Same old rules for some and a lot more for others.   In ten years or so we'll ask, how did that happen?

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