Thursday, May 09, 2013

Politics of envy

privatisation as "upwards redistribution" ... stolen by the government and given to a narrow elite of their cronies and supporters - who will in turn reward them with donations and political support

Don't know that I'll ever again consider voting for the NATs, but hey, it's nice to know I'm now no longer a 'rich prick'.  The new qualifier according to this Idiot is 'the narrow elite'.  That has  a much nicer ring to it don't you think?

dividends from Mighty River Power ... 49% of them will be flowing to the pockets of that narrow elite, where they will be used on superyachts, overseas holidays, jewellery, and the other conspicuous consumption of the rich

I look forward to the trappings of the profligate elite turning up soon in my driveway.  Amazing how the purchase of a few shares could give me about as much chance as me winning a Big Wednesday Lotto ticket.

The ideology of hatred by the left along with politics of envy is on full display in recent times.


The Gantt Guy said...

Logic fail 101 (as per usual) from a progressive twat, PM. 113,000 New Zealanders have superyachts? And how did they accomplish that, considering more than 60% of the MRP investors are new to the stock market?

You're right; it's the politics of envy and the ideology of hatred in all its misery.

mawm said...

Logic fail? Not at all, it is all about a few sound bites that will be breathlessly repeated on what passes for the media in NZ.