Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr Plod shafted yet again

pursuit occurred after Mr Kingi failed to stop
a police officer spotted him speeding in a 50km/h zone
had four drink-driving convictions
was found to have more than double the blood alcohol limit

the officer notified police central communications
officer continued looking for the fleeing vehicle

In my view, nothing wrong with Mr Plod's reaction to a crime in progress.  After all he's employed to apply the law at all times.

 the car had slid off the road after taking a corner at between 130km/h and 136km/h
claimed the lives of driver, two of his passengers, a third passenger was seriously injured

They won't do that again.  This prick was speeding, failed to stop and was pissed.  But once again, Mr Plod gets blamed.

the officer's speed of 127km/h in a 50km/h zone was not justified
the pursuit should have been abandoned earlier
the officer involved failed to follow correct procedure

Every time lawless scum injure themselves or worse, Mr Plod gets fronted and shafted for doing his job.  If we're not going to actively pursue those that ignore our laws, it makes one wonder why we have police at all.

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