Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fonterra embracing its inner tree hugger

Fonterra is flying in a veteran Australian environmentalist and former head of Greenpeace to help its farmers see the value in sustainable practices

First thought is opening the chook house door and throwing the wolf in.  I wonder how much info this bloke is going to get from farmers and then use it against them.  I'd be surprised if any turned up to embrace their inner treehugger, well maybe some will for the free food and drink.

Fonterra is really desperate bringing a greenie to preach to dairy farmers.

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myr lock said...

I do not think it is desperation. It is strategy. And it is not about embracing trees. It is about using Genetically modified seeds for grass. It is about 'sustainability and smart growth'.
Yes, i agree with you. 'a wolf has just walked through the door'.
We need to understand what the farmers have to think about smart growth. We need to know 'why' an Australian is coming to New Zealand. What is stopping our farmers from embracing the new 'vision'?