Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Identifying the bludgers should be real easy now

The sharp lurch of the Nats toward their inner socialist yesterday in the quest for ever more leftie votes is utterly sickening.  Not content with continually pandering to and chasing the racist native vote with all manner of affirmative action schemes, food is now to be dished out on my dime to feed some other prick's kids.

But hey, there's possibly a good side.  As rugrats turn up for a 'free' breakfast at my expense, their deadbeat bludging parents will now be easily identified.  There should be no child in New Zealand living in 'poverty' with all manner of welfare largesse being doled out.  Well maybe the children of Aotearoa, that entitled rabble long proven to spending their dole with other priorities, but certainly not in any children of real New Zealanders, the middle class relentlessly sucking on the government tit via Working for Welfare.

I expect those at WINZ/CYFS to be down daily at the 'free' feeds actively taking names and inviting Mr Plod to prosecute for neglect of their parental responsibilities.

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