Sunday, May 12, 2013

Millions could be saved axing greenies

DoC announced this week that it would have 72 fewer positions in its new split structure

Recently it seems the government is raising the ire of the overstaffed bloated bureaucracy that is DOC.  Great news isn't it?  Less troughing greenie treehuggers.

DoC staff will try to catch the bird next week and return him to the bush, 30km from his suburban home.

In other news, a kokako shows why we don't need any expensive DOC staff espousing 'we must be seen to be doing something'.  Or expensive council funded sanctuaries.

Ranger Hazel Speed said suburbia was not safe for Duncan

Seems he's happily survived home alone in Jafaland, avoiding cats and traps, for a number of years.    All without any interfering conservation staff.

Just grow a few more out of town in cheaper areas, then release them en-masse.  Trust me, they'll look after themselves.  Just like trout hatchlings grown off site.  Maye the private sector could farm them.  Win, win.

Anything that reduces feral greenie treehugger leeches in my face and taxpayer wallet has to be good for me and you.

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mawm said...

All one needs to do to get Auckland to fill up with native species is get rid of the cats that kill them, and plant native trees and plants. Neither will happen because Aucklanders give up the right to control their plantings if they are native and too many selfish cat owners turn a blind eye to the dead birds their cats bring home.