Saturday, June 01, 2013

"there will be a clean out"

The wet wing of the National Party control the senior ranks of the party and cannot be easily replaced without losing an election. After National loses an election there will be a clean out.

In my view, the rout cannot come quick enough.  National needs to lose this election to ditch the leftward facing liberals and get back to core principles, putting the country on the fast track to fiscal and moral balance.

A long time overdue, politics in New Zealand needs marked separation of those with nominally conservative values from parties that sit on the centre-left fence. 

The first organised group to professionalise and fund politics properly will obtain prime mover advantage and control the market for sometime. This is a one-off opportunity to exploit the gap in the market

I'm sick of being offered lily-livered liberal time-servers ever willing to trade principles for my vote.  As far as I'm concerned, National squandered any advantage with their pandering to the racist Maori Party and continues to move ever leftward.

there needed to be a focus on "taking over the public sector" to create a pool of fiscal conservatives who would work with politicians

Union money will not be able to match business money

show MPs "the consequences of ignoring donors"

Damned right!  The public service is riddled with Labour stooges ever willing to work against a centre-right government, particularly through leaks and indoctrination via our schools.  One only has to see the cocky school principals on telly this week always working against the government.

I look forward to Mr Lusk having a greater role in a seriously right facing future government when the nice Mr Key is rolled at the next election.  I and no doubt many others are looking for somewhere else to place my vote in 2014.  Yes, the National party does need to clean house.

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