Saturday, June 01, 2013


problem debt, substance abuse, poor decision-making, and a history of neglect were common reasons why some parents were not taking full responsibility for their children.

there are people that spend money in ways that perhaps some of us think they shouldn't be and are not putting their children first

not so much lack of money, but lack of ability or willingness on the part of a significant group of families to spend it wisely

Exactly!  Parents need to sort out their priorities towards their children.

Government benefits were enough for most people to get by on

It's not as if there isn't enough to go around with all the welfare being sprayed around, but today we have another sob story of her own making with loans to pay and running a car. 

$293 from Winz, plus $120 rent assistance.
$285 rent. $30 electricity. $60 loan repayments to the bank and people to whom she owes money.
$38 left for petrol, food and unplanned expenses.

Ditch the car, that will save $45 a week for a start, then do everything possible to kill the loan.

It's all about priorities and putting your children first.

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