Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just wondering...

In a just released decision by the Electoral Commission, the party has been given the go-ahead to file its documents electronically but still faces a six to eight-week wait till its registration is confirmed.

Eh?  6-8 weeks???  You've got to be joking.  Surely the EC has the registry of eligible electors in suitable electronic form squirreled away in a database somewhere.  If you can't find it, your mates at the GCSB or the Yanks in the NSA will tell you where it is. 

After all, the esteemed Hairdo has been allowed to submit his 500 names electronically.

Just how long does it take to write and run a comparison script?  No many could write such a script in BASIC (remember that?) to do that job in minutes. 

Surely not in this modern age they are doing a manual comparison at 12 names a day?  Let's face it, there's nothing else like an election to count going on in the EC's orbit at present.

So I was just wondering why they need 6-8 bloody weeks to complete this task?

Mr Key, the pricks over at the Electoral Commission need a rocket up their backsides.

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